Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Chaotic World of Fletcher Hanks Returns!

Today's stories are Tabu from Jungle Comics # 1 (January 1940), Stardust from Fantastic Comics # 1 (December 1939) and Fantomah from Jungle Comics # 3 (March 1940).

To see another Fletcher Hanks story with a twist, check-out Public Domain Funnies. The artist, Ryan Valentine, takes the Fantomah story from Jungle Comics 15 and recolors it. That story is followed-up by an all-new story (which is aimed at "Mature Readers") drawn by Valentine. After that comes his version of Basil Wolverton's Spacehawk in another all-new story.

While I won't make a habit of pointing people to "Fan Art", I have to admit that I enjoy seeing what non-professional artists do with Public Domain characters. On that note, features some preview art of "Attack of The Super-Wizards # 1" by Joey Peters, as well as having several original stories of Stardust that you can read online for free (although not all of them are by Hanks).

If you're multi-lingual, then check-out this profile of Stardust at, which also has some nice original artwork by "Lancelott" for you folks who can only read one language or languages that that site is not written in. The blog's main focus is the comic book heroes of Brasil, but there's plenty of American Golden Age characters to view, as well. Personally, I just like visiting the blog to check-out Lancelott's work.

Here's a blog that hasn't seen any action since 2007, but does include 3 stories drawn by Fletcher Hanks:, including a Yank Wilson story from Fantastic Comics # 6.

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