Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Animals Unchained!

Today's stories are from Supermouse 12 (April 1951 - Standard Comics) and Atomic Rabbit 5 (Oct 1956 - Charlton). After the stories, I ramble for a bit.

If you want to read the entire issues these stories come from, here's the links:
Supermouse # 12
Atomic Rabbit # 5

I don't post a lot, and I doubt I will ever hit anything close to a daily schedule that some bloggers manage to achieve. With stuff I scan myself (like today's stories), there's not all that much for me to do because I've done "it" already before I even think of posting my scans, and with scans from somebody else's files, there is a modest amount of editing I might have to do for the pages to meet my standards.

Time & Motivation are this blog's two biggest enemies. Every week, I stop by M.O.D.M. to see if anyone posted a comment, or I look at my "Stats" to see how much traffic this blog gets, and where that traffic is coming from (apparently, this blog is HUGE in Ukraine). Every week, I say to myself "I should post something", and yet ... Basically, I'm lazy when it comes to this blog. I can't lie about it ... well, I could but what's the point of doing that? That doesn't mean I have or will ever think of giving-up on M.O.D.M. This is my little corner of the internet, and with any luck, it'll be around longer than I am.

By the way: 16 people are following this blog?! That's awesome! Thanks for making me think I'm doing something here that's worth paying attention to.

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