Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heroes from the year 1950

Today's stories are from Black Cat 24 (August 1950), Blue Beetle 58 (April 1950) and Lady Luck 88 (April 1950). As usual, my mindless ramblings follow the stories.

"Superheroes died-out after World War II". That's the commonly held belief by "The Experts". On the other hand, WWII ended in 1945 while many heroess continued to be published for years afterward. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Fawcett's Captain Marvel & the rest of the Marvel Family, Plastic Man, Doll Man, Lev Gleason's Daredevil, Captain America, Lady Luck, Blue Beetle, Black Cat and Air Boy all made it to at least 1950. Plenty of others lasted until 1949, like Black Terror, Sub-Mariner, Skyman, The Face, The Target (who also had some stories reprinted in 1950-51), The Human Torch, The Shield and Quicksilver. If you consider four years later to be "after World War II", then make sure you add phrases like "Image Comics was founded after the fall of the Roman Empire", "Malibu Comics was sold to Marvel after the first Moon Landing" and "after the invention of the wheel, Jack Kirby started work on his 'New Gods' books". I guess as long as you keep the timeline straight & people don't know better, who really cares how much time passes between one event and another?


  1. so many heroes of that time look like others hero in our time, maybe many of this hero are a model to modern heroes like wonder women or iron man, who knows maybe cat woman is based in lady luck.

  2. Well, if you want to be completely accurate, you could say: "Superheroes as a genre started dying off in 1944. Most of them gradually disappeared over the course of the next eight years or so. There were a few superheroes that never went away and a few new ones that appeared in mid 50s, but they were exceptions to the overall pattern."

    Saying "superhero genre died off after World War II" is faster.


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