Friday, March 19, 2010

The Heroes of Rural Home Part Five

Today's story are Jun-Gal & The Green Turtle from Blazing Comics # 3 (September 1944), and The Judge from Red Circle Comics # 2 (February 1945). I can't say that The Judge is a character I really care about. With only two appearances in the first two issues of Red Circle Comics, to me he's simply another masked hero along the lines of The Clock, The Mouthpiece or The Spirit. The Judge is an interesting concept, there just aren't enough stories for me to really get into it. Jun-Gal is a feature I like mainly because of the artwork. The Green Turtle? He's ok.

Look for a couple of installments of "The Heroes of Rural Home" next week. I've planned a post for April 1st which, in order to keep things in some sort of order, demands that I up the frequency of postings before then.

All of today's stories were taken from scans available on

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