Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dynamite Thor & The Bronze Man

Today's stories are Dynamite Thor from Blue Beetle # 6 (March-April 1941 - Fox Publications) and Bronze Man from Blue Beetle # 44 (September-October 1946 - Fox Feature Syndicate).

Dynamite Thor appeared in Weird Comics 6 & 7 (Sept-Oct 1940) and then in Blue Beetle 6-8 (March-August 1941), while Bronze Man appeared in Blue Beetle 42 & 44 (July & September 1946), and then in Jo-Jo: Congo King # 7 (July 1947).

Download Blue Beetle 6 here: Blue Beetle 6
Download Blue Beetle 44 here: Blue Beetle 44


  1. Excelente resgate! Este THOR veio logo depois daquele THOR da FOX Comics, o Grant Ferrel, lembra? Também na Weird Comics#1 em 1940...

  2. Yes, Dynamite Thor did follow Fox's other Thor (Grant Ferrel) who appeared in issues 1-5 of Weird Comics. Thanks for the link, Lancelott. I've enjoyed your site (even if I can't read any of it) & love the original artwork you've done with the Golden Age comic book heroes.


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