Friday, August 19, 2011

Art Appreciation: John Giunta (volume two!)

Once again, John Giunta is the focus of "Art Appreciation". The two stories are from Buster Brown Comics # 4 (Summer 1945 - The Leathern Cord of Magic) and Mad Hatter # 2 (September-October 1946).
First up, though, is a two-page article focusing on "fan magazines" that was written by Giunta and ran in Amazing Mystery Funnies volume 2 issue 12 (December 1939). The reason I find this worthy of inclusion here is the fact that it gives a little insight as to what Giunta may have been doing before he began his career in comic books.
Following that, I've included a small "Cover Gallery" of Giunta's work.

In my opinion, John Giunta is one of the most underrated artists of the Golden Age of comics. Most history books, blogs and websites focus on the "big names" of the industry, so much so that when I really got into Golden Age comics (over a decade ago), I didn't know who John Giunta was or what he did. That's not surprising. Aside from creating the first super-powered female character to appear in a comic book (The Magician from Mars, which first appeared in the pages "Amazing-Man Comics # 7" cover-date November 1939) and drawing two stories featuring The Duke of Darkness (a feature that has more than a few fans), Giunta had a pretty "quiet" career. It doesn't help any that he died fairly young when he passed away in 1970 (he was born in 1920).

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