Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Humor Digest and some Art Appreciation!

January 6, 2012 was Martin Filchock's 100th birthday. I knew he was born in 1912, but the actual day & month was something I just discovered yesterday.

In my last post, I mentioned how it had been a year since I scanned anything. Well, I can now check-off "What's Cookin' # 7" from the list of things I wanted to finish. Featuring the work of Joe E. Buresch, Woody Krimbell and birthday-boy Martin Filchock, "What's Cookin" was another humor digest published by the Comic Corporation of America (or "CCA" for short), one of the many publishing names used by Raymond J. Kelly & Joseph J. Hardie. CCA was the publishing name used from 1939 onward for such Golden Age comic books as Amazing-Man Comics, Liberty Scouts, Man of War Comics, World Famous Heroes, the third issue of The Arrow, Stars and Stripes Comics, and C-M-O Comics. CCA was also used on various humor digests, such as What's Cookin, Keep 'em Laughing, Pocketful of Pepper, Yoo Hoo, Khaki Humor, Khaki Wacky, Smiles, and Cheers, until 1945. From 1942 through 1944, CCA was the publishing name used for All-American Band Leaders magazine (shortened to simply "Band Leaders" after several issues).

And all you Martin Filchock fans, take note! It would seem that sometime during 1943, Filchock was promoted from Corporal to Sergeant in the US Army, while still finding time to create gag cartoons.

To download the entire contents of What's Cookin' # 7, click here.

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