My Golden Age Comic Book Files

Links to files for Golden Age comic books that are Public Domain (Copyright-Free) that I have personally scanned.  All books are complete, cover-to-cover scans except where noted.  Files are hosted on, a site which does not require you to register for an account in order to download the files.  These files can be viewed using a comic reader (like CDisplay) or unzip the file to view the pages individually.
New files added: December 13, 2011 & Janaury 9, 2012

Super Animals:
Atomic Mouse v1 n2
Atomic Mouse v1 n3
Atomic Mouse v1 n4
Atomic Mouse v1 n5
Atomic Mouse v1 n7
Atomic Mouse v1 n9
Atomic Mouse v1 n11
Atomic Mouse v1 n22
Atomic Mouse v1 n24
Atomic Mouse v1 n25
Atomic Mouse v1 n26
Atomic Mouse v1 n38
Atomic Mouse v1 n43
Atomic Mouse v1 n45
Atomic Mouse v1 n50
Atomic Mouse v1 n52
Blue Bird Comics: Atomic Mouse 11 - NEW!
Atomic Rabbit 3
Atomic Rabbit 5
Cosmo Cat 2 (Norlen) - Contains three Tom Cat stories, as well as two one-pagers featuring Atomic Mouse & Atomic Rabbit. Cosmo Cat only appears on the cover.

Supermouse 4 - NEW!
Supermouse 5
Supermouse 12 - NEW!
Supermouse 15 - NEW!
Supermouse 16 - NEW!
Supermouse 19 - NEW!
Supermouse 23 - NEW!
Supermouse 25 - From a coverless copy.  I'm actually assuming (I know ... "never assume" ... ) that this is issue 25 based on the inclusion of the "Statement of Ownership".
Supermouse 29
Supermouse 32 - NEW!
Supermouse 35
Supermouse 36
Supermouse 44
Supermouse 45

Black Terror:
Black Terror 15
Black Terror 26

Blue Beetle:
Blue Beetle 6
Blue Beelte 36
Blue Beetle 38
Blue Beetle 44

Novelty Press:
4 Most Comics v3 n3
4 Most Comics v6 n5
Blue Bolt Comics v2 n4
Blue Bolt Comics v2 n5
Blue Bolt Comics v3 n12
Target Comics v9 n2
Blue Bolt Comics v2 n10 - Sub-Zero, Blue Bolt, Old Cap Hawkins Tales and Sgt Spook only.

And the rest:
Amazing-Man Comics 10 (incomplete) - Missing 1st two pages of Amazing-Man story and last two pages of The Shark story.
The Beyond 8
The Beyond 14
Blue Circle Comics 4 (incomplete) - Blue Circle, Steel Fist & Maureen Marine only.
Captain Aero v3 n13 (aka 15) - Miss Victory and Red Cross stories only.
Clue Comics 5
Clue Comics 12
Crime and Punishment Illustories 38
Daredevil Comics 48 - Two stories featuring Lev Gleason's Daredevil, a tale of "Sniffer", plus a Crimebuster text story.
Don Winslow 58
Fantastic Comics 10 (incomplete) - Missing Samson & Captain Kidd stories. Also missing last two pages of Sub Sanders story.
Fantoman 4 (incomplete) - Missing first two pages of 1st Fantoman story and last two pages of Red Blaze story.
Golden Lad 4
Goofy Comics 31
Heroic Comics 28
Super-Mystery Comics v4 n1 - Four Stories: Magno & Davey vs The Clown, Dr Nemesis, The Sword and Mr Risk vs The Cougar!
Yellowjacket Comics 9 (incomplete) - Yellowjacket, Diana the Huntress, Cap'n Grim and Tales of Terror only.

Humor Digests:  While there are several sites dedicated to hosting Public Domain comic books, I haven't run across any site yet that focuses on the humor digests in the same manner.  Therefore, this is the only place (at the moment) where you're likely to find these files.
Mirth 36
Mirth 38
Mirth 40
Pocketful of Pepper 14
Smiles 22
Smiles 46
What's Cookin' 7 - NEW!
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