Friday, February 12, 2010

Blue Beetle, Wonder Boy & The Wasp

Today's stories are Blue Beetle from "Mystery Men Comics 2" (September 1939). Wonder Boy from "National Comics 1" (July 1940) and The Wasp from "Silver Streak Comics 1" (December 1939).

The Blue Beetle was originally published by Fox Features until 1942, when Holyoke picked-up "The Blue Beetle" for a little while. It returned to Fox in 1944, where the character would last until 1950. Charlton published the adventures of the Blue Beetle in the 50s & 60s, then AC Comics had a very short run with the character in the 1980s, and finally DC Comics has had a moderate amount of succes with the hero since the mid-80s.

Wonder Boy is another character that has bounced around from publisher to publisher. Starting-out at Quality Comics in the pages of "National Comics", he would appear in Elliott Publishing's "Bomber Comics" in 1944 alongside the superhero named Kismet. In 1955, Ajax/Farrell published more tales of this hero in the pages of "Samson", "Terrific Comics" and two issues of "Wonder Boy".

The Wasp appeared in the first two issues of "Silver Streak Comics", published by Your Guide Publications. Another hero named The Wasp (who looks the same, so I actually consider it to be the same hero, although others may disagree based on the fact that the character's secret id was different for each publisher), appeared in "Speed Comics 12 & 13" and "Champ Comics 19".

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