Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cool Comic Links update

I've updated the "Cool Comic Links", making a few additions while deleting one link. These links aren't just for you guys, it's also a quick way for me to get where I want to go 'round the 'net.

"OOP! Comics" is gone from my links. While it was a fun online comic strip to read, the guy running the show apparently isn't working on it anymore, not adding anything new since October 2009. That may not mean he's finished ... he could return, and when he does get back into creating new strips, maybe I'll put "OOP!" back on the list.

Love going to comic book sites that are mostly in a foreign language? Then check-out which features all five of Centaur Comics' "Magician From Mars" stories, which includes the work of John Giunta, Malcolm Kildale & Michael Mirando. Can't read French but want to know what the author of the site is talking about? Just use a free online translator (I usually use WorldLingo's translator because it's free).

The Golden Years is back and better than ever! Well, it's still a work in progress at this point as the old version of the site is still being transferred over to the new site, but things have gotten off to a good start as The Target, Black Terror, The Cadet & Black Diamond are all featured in the brand new issue 37 of "All-Amazing Comics". Go check it out and let the guy know what you think of his hard work.

And that's it for today. I was gonna babble-on about how I wish the Ottawa Senators would trade Chris Neil to either the Penguins or Flyers so he could play for a team I actually care about, or how I thought this past week's episode of "Smallville" was pretty cool but thought that the acting from Michael Shanks was his weakest performance I have ever seen, or how pathetic I think it is that Marvel Comics lets "The Twelve" just kind of linger in oblivion because they aren't smart enough to simply replace that egomaniac of a writer with someone who can meet deadlines & finish what they start, but who cares what I think?

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  1. Thanks for your link to my french website "Mars & SF" devoted to...Mars in Sci-Fi (not only in comics).


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