Monday, April 19, 2010

A Logo & Some Links

Yes, "My Opinion Doesn't Matter" now has a craptacular logo. The reason for this is due to the fact that I ran across another blog with a similar name (but entirely different content) recently. I thought I had something semi-original, and even did a search to see if "My Opinion Doesn't Matter" was free-and-clear to use for a blog title. Oh well, that's search engines for you! So now, I'm down to "M.O.D.M.", but really, what difference does it make what this thing is called?

I've been "surfin' the 'net" the last few days and have run across some interesting places. is pretty neat with some "Public Domain Superhero-a-Day" original artwork, including "13" from Lev Gleason, Miss Masque (Nedor) & The Steel Fist (Rural Home). Check-out the "Portfolio" for even more original artwork. Hey, any place that mentions M.O.D.M. is ok by me! isn't a place I've fully explored yet, simply because there's a lot to look at. What's it about? Well ...

"If you love vintage paperbacks, you have come to the right place. ...
"Cover artists featured are Rudolph Belarski, Earle Bergey, Sam Cherry, Reginald Heade, Robert Bonfils, Frank Frazetta, George Gross, Ray Johnson, Rudy Nappi, Rafael De Soto, Tom Adams, Lou Marchetti, Jeff Jones, Paul Rader, Robert Maguire, Robert McGinnis and Jim Steranko.
"Publishers featured are Ace, Avon, Bantam, Banner, Berkley, Dell, Eton, Gold Medal, Graphic, Handi-Books, Lion Books, Monarch, Popular Library and Pyramid. Other authors, artists and publishers will be added as time allows.
"Several pages are listed by theme."

You can browse by author, artist, publisher or theme, and view a lot of really nice artwork. is a place to view the covers of thousands of comics, books, magazines & more, one gallery after another. There's a feature included that lets you jump from whatever cover you're looking at to an eBay search of that very same issue. Pretty handy if you run across something that makes you go "I want that!".

Want to check-out something a little more kid-friendly? Then head on over to and you can read stories featuring Heckle & Jeckle, Supermouse or Homer The Happy Ghost.

Completely unrelated to comics ... Let's go Penguins!

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