Monday, April 12, 2010

Super Animals!

The post from April 1st was my attempt at an "April's Fool" joke. The link in that post does take you to a file I have on which you can download, and the features I listed for "issue six" are accurate in as much as that's what my file contains. Realistically, "Blue Circle Comics # 6" was never anything more than a cover used to repackage left-over interiors of other comics. While most of what I said came directly from my own butt, there's a little bit of truth sprinkled-in here & there.

My poll, "Who's Your Favorite Hero of Rural Home?", ended with The Green Turtle on top with 3 votes, Blue Circle received 2 votes, Steel Fist, Maureen Marine & Crash Kid each got one vote, and apparently nobody cares about The Prankster, Jun-Gal or The Judge (ok, that might not be true, but they didn't receive any votes).

Today's are from "Supermouse # 36" (August 1956: Pines Comics) and "Atomic Mouse # 26" (May 1958: Charlton Comics Group).

If you click on the following links, you can download (for free & without registering) the entire contents of the books spotlighted here today from my folder:

Supermouse 36 August 1956

Atomic Mouse 26 May 1958

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