Friday, October 29, 2010

Some More Comic Files

I've spent the last few days scanning & editing quite a few books, including a nice group of issues from Charlton's Atomic Mouse series, Hillman's Clue Comics 12, Crime and Punishement 38, Ned Pines' Supermouse 29 and other assorted odds & ends. Check-out "My Golden Age Comic Book Files" page for all the "NEW" links to the files.

Taking the easy way out for today's post, I'm showcasing the back covers to a few issues of "Atomic Mouse". At least half of the run had pin-ups on the back covers. This radioactive rodent's series ran for 54 issues, from 1953 until 1963. Charlton published the character again from 1984 to 1986. One-shots have appeared from A-Plus Comics in 1990, Shanda Fantasy Arts in 2001 and finally from Avalon Communications in 2002.

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