Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Heroes of Rural Home Part VIII

Today's stories are:
Steel Fist from Blue Circle Comics 4, plus the covers to issues 1 & 2;
Maureen Marine, also from Blue Circle Comics 4 (February 1945);
Jun-Gal from Blazing Comics 5 (March 1945);
and The Prankster from Red Circle Comics 3 (March 1945).

Coming-up in the next (and last) installment of "The Heroes of Rural Home" are The Green Turtle, Blue Circle, Maureen Marine and Steel Fist! I know it's been like eight months since "Part VII", but hopefully "Part IX" will be along shortly.

If you want to download your very own digital copies of any of Rural Home's comic books for free, head over to either the Digital Comics Museum or Golden Age Comics.

EDIT: Other stuff worth mentioning that I'm adding-on a few hours after originally posting this ...
Over at Golden Age Heroes, Tony Zallocco shares the Dr Mortal story from Fox Features' "Weird Comics 14" (1941), which he reprints in paper form with his "Amazing Golden Age Adventure Funnies" series. I bring this to your attention because, reading comics online is nice and all that, but being able to read comics without running-up the electric bill has some advantages, too. If you like having physical books in your hands, support Tony Z's efforts and hopefully he'll make more.

Earlier this month I discovered Jim Shooter's Blog. Something he's currently doing that I'm hooked on is his "Storytelling Lecture" series. Personally, I've always liked Jim Shooter. I never met the man, and I don't know him personally, but I respect him as a creator and I feel he's one of (if not THE) best "bosses" the industry has, so being able to see how he goes about his job is educational.

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