Friday, May 21, 2010

Golden Age Hero: The Twister

Today's stories feature nothing but Novelty Press' short-lived superhero, The Twister!

Created by Paul Gustavson (who also created The Fantom of The Fair, The Arrow & The Angel, to name three), The Twister first appeared in "Blue Bolt Comics volume 1 issue 1" (June 1941). In 2002, AC Comics reprinted The Twister's first appearance, as well as his cameo appearance from the Blue Bolt story in the same issue (Men of Mystery # 36). Twister also made cameo appearances in both Dick Cole & Sub-Zero's stories in the same issue of "Blue Bolt Comics", as well, although neither of those stories were reprinted by AC Comics. Twister continued to appear in "Blue Bolt Comics" until issue 7 (December 1941).

Dynamite Entertainment has revived this long-forgotten hero in both their "Black Terror" & "Project Superpowers" series, albeit with an heavily updated costume.

Blue Bolt Comics v2 n2

Blue Bolt Comics v2 n3

Blue Bolt Comics v2 n4

Blue Bolt Comics v2 n5

The stories presented here from issues 3-5 of Blue Bolt Comics were scanned by me, while issue 2's story was taken from the file available online. Blue Bolt Comics volume two issues 2-4 are available at your favorite Golden Age comic book download site.


  1. Ya know you have to watch out when it takes two whole pages to explain the purpose of the super-hero...


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Seeing as how every comic book back then used two page text stories anyway, it's nice to see that Novelty put their two pages of text to good use by explaining their new hero to anyone who might have missed Twister's debut in the previous issue.


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