Thursday, May 20, 2010

Super Animals Unleashed!

Today's stories are from Atomic Mouse 11 (Dec 1954), Supermouse 35 (April 1956) and Atomic Mouse 38 (Sept 1960).

Charlton's Atomic Mouse appeared in his own title, with volume one beginning in 1953 and ending in 1963, running for either 52 or 54 issues (apparently, issues 53 & 54 either don't exist at all, or are so rare that nobody involved in price guides or comic indexes have seen them). He also appeared (sometimes only in a text story) in other Charlton titles, including "Zoo Funnies", "Timmy The Timid Ghost", "Tom Cat", "Rock and Rollo", "Li'l Genius" and "Funny Animals". In 1983, AC Comics featured the hero in issues 3 & 4 of "Americomics". In 1984-85, Atomic Mouse was revived by Charlton for four issues (#'s 1 and 10-12).

Supermouse first appeared in Nedor's "Coo Coo Comics # 1" in 1942, continuing to appear in that title until issue 56. In 1948, Supermouse received his own 36-issue series, which lasted until 1956.

To download the full comics (for free) from which today's stories were originally featured, follow these links:
Supermouse # 35
Atomic Mouse # 11
Atomic Mouse # 38

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