Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And the Winner Is ... !

I asked, you answered! Who were your favorite Golden Age villains?

I'll admit that the choices were limited, and I wish it could have been more accurate and I could have given everyone a list a mile long, but it's not like I can't do it again and maybe better.

I was surprised nobody chose Holyoke's Dr Macabre, Cat-Man's big villain. For all the attention AC Comics gives Cat-Man, I figured he would be one of the bigger vote-getters. The Green Ghoul, who opposed MLJ's Mr Justice more than once, was another "no-vote" villain, as was Ace's Mummy, who fought Lash Lightning.

Madam Satan, who didn't fight anybody important in MLJ's "Pep Comics", is one of my favorite villains, but since I didn't vote, she only got one vote, as did Iron Jaw (who plagued both Crimebuster & Sniffer), Lady Serpent (who went up against Black Terror more than once), Captain Nippo (adversary of Ace's Captain Courageous) and Cobra (who fought Ace's Magno & Davey).

The Clown, a long-running foe of Ace's Magno & Davey, locked-up 3rd Place with two whole votes. I was surprised that The Claw, the evil-doer who battled Lev Gleason's Daredevil & Ghost ... and, much later in the 1950s, Rocky X in "Boy Illustories", received four votes to take 2nd Place in the poll.

And so we come to the villain that YOU (alright ... FIVE of you) voted for as "The Number One Bad Guy of The Golden Age" ... The Great Question. "GQ" hounded Amazing Man for pretty much Aman's entire run, starting with "Amazing-Man Comics # 5", and apparently left enough of an impression on fans of Golden Age comics that nearly 70 years later, he's as popular as he ever was.

Hey, look at that ... there's a new poll! Go ahead and vote!

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