Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some cool sites to visit

The internet's a big place, so there's tons of stuff that can (and probably does) get over-looked. In an effort to make life easier for people, I've included two sections of links in my blog. The first, "Cool Comic Links", are for websites where you can read comics or check-out various pieces of comic book artwork. I've added some new links today ...

The first new addition to the "Cool Comic Links" is, a site run by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. As an active member of, Jim has gladly donated his Golden Age comic book collection to the site to be scanned & shared with the world, as well as being active in many of the discussions of the extremely friendly message boards. "BPIB" features over 100 biographies of artists from various fields, including comic books. If you like looking at pretty pictures, it's a nice place to spend some time.

Another addition, this time a blog, is I doubt anyone coming to my little corner of the internet hasn't stumbled upon Pappy's "blogzine" by now, but just in case, go check it out. He posts a lot of Golden Age comic book stories on a more frequent basis than I do, and is fairly balanced as far as what genres he features.

Another blog,, is light on stories but heavy on all sorts of other artwork. For me to try and describe what you'll find there would not do it justice. If you like looking at artwork from a single artist or viewing the covers of various publications in a single genre, like science-fiction for example, it's worth checking-out.

That's enough for me today. I'm tired and feeling lazy, so I'm gonna go watch me some hockey.

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