Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Blue Circle

A wise man once said "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it". My first post to feature a story from a book I don't own stars the not-too-popular Blue Circle. The images were taken from the Golden Age Comics website.

The Blue Circle first appeared in "Blue Circle Comics # 1", cover date June 1944, and continued through to issue 5, cover date March 1945. The publisher, Rewl Publications (later issues were published by Rural Home Publishing), thought so much of the Blue Circle character that they had The Steel Fist grace the cover of the first two issues. In fact, it wasn't until issue # 6 that The Blue Circle appeared on the cover of his own book, although that really doesn't count in my book since "Issue 6" was nothing more than a cover wrapped around the contents of "remainder comics" (aka unsold interiors from various comics).

To read The Steel Fist's adventure from the first issue, head on over to Pure Excitement Comics. To download the five issues of "Blue Circle Comics" that contain all of Blue Circle & Steel Fist's appearances, head over to Golden Age Comics.

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