Friday, December 4, 2009

The Heroes of Rural Home

Do you know how I can tell it's gonna be "one of those days"? I'm watching the trash truck go down the street and I'm saying to myself "it's Friday already?" Kids take note: THIS is what happens when you don't get enough sleep.

Today's stories are: The Crash Kid text story from Cannonball Comics # 2 (March 1945), Jun-Gal from Blazing Comics # 1 (June 1944); The Prankster from Red Circle Comics # 1 (January 1945); and The Green Turtle from Blazing Comics # 1 (June 1944).

Blazing Comics # 1 was published by Rewl Publications, while Cannonball Comics # 1 and Red Circle Comics # 2 were both published by Rural Home Publishing. Starting with issue # 4, Blazing Comics would be published by Rural Home, as well, which is why the books are generally lumped together as being from the same publisher when people talk about Golden Age Comics. Strictly speaking, Rural Home/Rewl Publications wasn't in the game very long, only publishing comics from "June 1944" until "April-May" 1945.

The Green Turtle, probably Rural Home's most popular hero, was featured in issue 25 of AC Comics' "Men of Mystery" book. In that article, the artist is never mentioned, and the writer incorrectly states that The Green Turtle did not appear in issue # 5. According to "" , the artist was Hing Chu (or Chu Hing ... I keep forgetting if the Chinese put the surname first). Thanks to "", anyone can go see that The Green Turtle appeared in the first five issue of Blazing Comics (issue 6 was a "remainder comic" featuring interiors from various books).

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