Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wasting My Time

I'll be posting some more Golden Age stories a little later today, but first ...

I need to vent! Man, do I need to vent. I was bidding on something on eBay and the seller cancelled the item because they wanted to upgrade the listing. Umm, doofus? You can upgrade the listing by simply adding to the description after bids have been placed.

I was excited when I first saw this particular item. It's rare and flies under the radar of most comic collectors, because it's not a comic book. I put in a bid that I hoped would win the auction. Now I'm just irritated that I wasted my time and skipped bidding on other things I would have been just as happy to win. It's been relisted, but I'm not as interested now because there are others things I'm watching.

Not as irritating but still a matter of disappointment is that fact that has been down most of the week. It isn't about not being able to download a bunch of Golden Age comics for free (which is nice), but that the message board has been unavailable, too. It's a nice group of people to interact with. Members don't lace their posts with attitudes, people get into debates, not arguments. Anyone who asks questions doesn't get talked-down to, they get answers. Yeah, folks voice their opinions about whatever they want, but overall, the spirit of the message board is a heck of a lot friendlier than what I've seen in most other places. So I'm sitting here hoping that everything gets straightened-out soon, and that whatever company is handling the web hosting can get their collective heads out of their butts long enough to do their jobs for a minute and get the site back-up.

Oh, and a note to anyone looking to leave a comment: Feel free to comment on a story I post, even if you don't like it, or even just go "I like that character or artist". I do my best to keep my opinions to myself, but that doesn't mean you have to.

However ....

Do not use your comments as an opportunity to promote the sale of anything, or to direct other people to sites that are designed to sell & promote stuff. If you feel compelled to do something like that, start your own blog. MY BLOG is a place for folks to come, read some Golden Age comic book stories, maybe read my mindless ramblings if someone gets bored enough to do so, and escape reality for a minute or two. It's not a place for people to be told or "suggested" where they should be spending their money by people who have nothing to do with my blog. If I feel a book or movie is worth the time for someone to check it out on their own, then I'll be the one doing the promoting. Sorry, but that's just the way it's gonna be. My Blog, My Rules. If it happens again, I'll start heavily moderating all comments, or if it gets out-of-hand, I'll just shutdown the Comments altogether, and then everybody loses their chance to voice their opinions.

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