Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Art Appreciation: Martin Filchock

Today's stories are: Mighty Man from "Amazing-man Comics # 5" [September 1939]; The Ermine from "Fantoman # 2" [August 1940]; The Owl from "Funny Pages volume 4 number 1" [January 1940]; The CC Kid from "The Comics Magazine Funny Pages # 4-6" [August-November 1936]; The Electric Ray from "Amazing-man Comics # 26" [January 1942]; Windy from "The Comics Magazine Funny Pages # 5" [September 1936]; and Fire-Man from "Liberty Scouts Comics # 2" [June 1941].

To learn a little more about Martin Filchock and his career outside of comic books, visit the following sites: The Christian Science Monitor has an interview with Filchock from August 2006. Looking Back Magazine features Filchock's "Defective Detective", a feature similar to his "Check and Double Check" found in "Highlights For Children". The website, Everything Knoxville, has an interview with Filchock from September 2009, while has an earlier interview from October 2004.

I'ld ramble-on today, but I'm fairly annoyed about something, and I don't want those feelings bleeding-over into something like this blog, which is supposed to be fun for all involved. So go and enjoy 40+ pages of Golden Age fun before you dart to the malls to finish (or start) your Christmas shopping.


  1. In his next (last?) story (Liberty Scouts #3) The Fireman got a red winged helmet and a yellow cape.

  2. Fire-Man did appear next in Liberty Scouts 3, and those appearances were followed by stories in Man of War Comics 1 & 2. Had I been in a better mood yesterday, I would have listed each of the characters' known appearances. Well, Electric Ray and Owl only made one appearance each ... Next time I post stories from Martin Filchock, I'll do it right.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these stories. I understand that Filchock is still active in his mid-90's (just amazing).

    I am looking for Centaurs (including a copy of Amazing-Man Comics 26) for my collection; does anyone know of a source? Thnx STEVE

  4. My dad Martin is alive at 99 4/5...still active

  5. Glad to hear he's still alive and, better yet, that he's still active!


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