Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Black Terror vs Dr Inch!

Continuing "All-Star Week" (what? You think I didn't have a plan?) is the first story from "Black Terror # 15", cover-date July 1946.

It has always baffled me that the company commonly referred to as "Nedor" didn't consistently put their best artists on one of their most popular characters. It'ld be like Marvel Comics putting Fred Hembeck on the Spider-Man books (no offense to Mr Hembeck, but you get my point).

After first appearing in Exciting Comics # 9 (May 1941), Black Terror was given his own series which ran for 27 issues from 1942 until June 1949. Overall, The Black Terror had over 140 individual stories published in Exciting Comics, America's Best Comics and his own book during that time.

Black Terror has proven to be one of the most popular Public Domain character for comic creators to use. Currently, Dynamite Entertainment has heavily featured their version of the character in their "Project Superpowers" line of books. He's also appeared in various stories from AC Comics, Alan Moore's Terra Obscura, a three-issue series from Eclipse Comics subtitled "Seduction of Deceit" published in 1989-90, and 1977's "Comic Crusader Storybook" which also featured various "fanzine" superstars such as The Eye, Eclipse, Shade, Xal-Kor The Human Cat, Mr A and Doctor Weird.

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