Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Swiftarrow from Golden Lad # 4

Swiftarrow appeared in issues 1-4 of "Golden Lad", published by Fact and Fiction Publications, aka Spark Publications. According to the Grand Comic-Book Database, this short-lived hero was originally drawn by George Roussos in issue 1, where he wore a noticably different costume. Roussos also apparently drew the Swiftarrow story from issue 3, while Maurice del Bourgo drew the stories found in issues 2 & 4 (again, this is information I've gathered from elsewhere, so I can't personally say how accurate it might actually be).

Today's story is from issue four of the series (April 1946). Like his other adventures, Swiftarrow's story is short, in this case only five pages. It would seem that the company didn't ever have much faith in the character, as he was replaced in issue five by other features.

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