Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blue Bolt

Today, I'm posting the Blue Bolt story from "Blue Bolt Comics volume number 3". It's a pretty short story, even for something published in The Golden Age. Blue Bolt first appeared in Blue Bolt Comics # 1, cover-date June 1940. By August 1942 (vol.3 # 3), Blue Bolt was no longer wearing his superhero costume.

Blue Bolt is not one of my favorite characters, as I think he's a little bland. It's not really an interesting costume that he's wearing, and his stories aren't appealing to me, to be perfectly honest. Still, I know the character has some fans, and I have this story on my computer, so here we are. Enjoy it ... or don't, as the rest of the week I'll be posting two more stories featuring two characters that I DO like.

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