Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mighty Man from Amazing-Man Comics # 10

Mighty Man was drawn by Martin Filchock. Filchock also worked on plenty of other characters for the publisher popularly referred to as "Centaur Comics", such as Fire-Man, Electric Ray (NOT "Electro Bolt" as it has been incorrectly stated on more than a few websites who should be better than me & my blog at getting their facts straight), The Owl and The Ermine, to name a few. Filchock's simple artistic style served him well over the years, as he went on to work for "Highlights for Children" magazine, providing the famed "Check…and Double Check" feature. He would also continue to work for Joseph J. Hardie & Raymond Kelly after the duo shut-down their comic line in 1942, producing covers for crossword puzzle magazines.

Mighty Man would appear in Amazing-Man Comics from issues 5 through 25 (Septembber 1939-December 1941), and in Stars and Stripes Comics from issues 2 through 6 (May-December 1941). The character would be revived and redesigned by Malibu Comics in 1992 for their "Protectors" series.

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