Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Iron Skull

The Iron Skull first appeared in "Amazing-Man Comics # 5". Created by Carl Burgos (also the creator of the popular White Streak and some character called The Human Torch), The Iron Skull ran from Amazing-Man Comics 5-22 (September 1939-May 1941), skipping issues 12, 13 & 21. He also appeared in Stars and Stripes Comics 2-6 (May-December 1941). Although Iron Skull was one of "Centaur Comics" longer running characters, he rarely ever made an appearance on the cover of the company's books, with issue 2 of Stars and Stripes Comics being his only cover appearance that I'm aware of.

Today, I'm presenting the adventure of Iron Skull from issue 10 of Amazing Man Comics (March 1940).


  1. Mansell in DistressJuly 16, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    Apparently Fletcher Hanks didn't own the patent on Golden Age insanity . Thanks!!

  2. The Iron Skull was a unusual chara.
    He had many gifts, though I'm not sure he was a Android, he had a flesh and blood body that was enhanced after the damage he took in his elsewhere world (Where gangsters and Nazis took over after the world war II of the 1950s.

    He's more a cyborg with originally an invincible head and then this eventually was expanded to his entire body.

    Then there is his inconsistent place in time, that of course is a subject for another time.


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