Monday, November 2, 2009

Double-Shot Monday!

The plan last week was to post at least one more story before Halloween, BUT for some reason, I couldn't fall asleep Wednesday night/Thursday morning, which threw me off schedule for the remainder of the week. That meant, unfortunately, that my blog had to suffer. So, to make-up for that, I'm posting two stories today.

The first story comes from "Heroic Comics # 28" and features The Music Master and his faithful sidekick Downbeat. According to the Keltner Index (which somebody really needs to update one of these years), Music Master first appeared in Heroic Comics 12, cover-date May 1942. He ran until at least issue 31 (July 1945), after skipping # 27.

The second story is the one I already had planned to post for today, and that features The Target, from "Target Comics volume 7 number 11", cover-date January 1947. The Target had one of the longer runs for a Golden Age superhero, starting with his debut in Target Comics volume 1 number 10 (November 1940) and his last appearance in volume 10 number 1 (April 1949). Additionally, he appeared in three issues of "4 Most" (v1 n1, v1 n2 and v5 n1) and had some stories reprinted in Blue Bolt Comics 102-105 and 110 (cover-dates Nov 1949-Aug 1951). That's a run that's comparable to Timely Comics' Captain America, who originally ran from 1941 to 1950 before that short-lived revival in 1953/54.

Come back later this week as I post at least three more Golden Age stories and maybe ramble aimlessly for a minute or two. And if you haven't voted in The Poll yet ... why not?

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