Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Beyond 14: The Gong of Singh Chlam

With Halloween a little over a week away, it wouldn't be right not to post something horror-related this week. Luckily, I have one Golden Age horror comic in my collection which I can share with everyone.

Trying to get my hands on Golden Age horror books has been more than annoying.
See, the problem starts with the fact that I'm fairly cheap and don't like spending a lot of money one a single comic book. You'ld think a place like eBay would make life easier, but it doesn't. There are tons of fans of Horror Comics, but only so many of those comics to go around (you'ld think a current comic publisher would get a clue and start reprinting those books). More often than not, bidding gets pretty heated, and it doesn't take long for a horror book to go beyond what I'm willing to pay for one, which isn't a lot to begin with. While I like reading horror stories now and then, I'm not a big enough fan of any title or creator to go "I gotta have that book" and fight for it. Well, one day I lucked-out and I was able to win "The Beyond # 14" (published with a "August 1952" cover-date by Unity Publishing Corp aka Ace Periodicals), which I now begin to share with the entire world, starting with ...

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