Friday, October 16, 2009

Text Story Bonanza!

Text stories seem to get over-looked by a lot of folks, so that's why I'm jamming them down everyone's throat today! In this post, you're getting NOT only one, not just two, not even simply three text stories, but FIVE text stories, all involving superheroes.

See, back in the day, comic book publishers would throw-in a text story, not as a way to fill-up the issue (there was plenty of one-page humor strips for that), but as a way to get their comics reclassified so they could get cheaper mail rates from the post office. Did kids & adults back then read the text stories? I don't know, but for at least one character, they were the only stories you were ever going to see of them.

Of the five stories I'm posting, three were posted here before: Aman the Amazing Boy from "Amazing-Man Comics # 10" [March 1940;, Black Terror from "Black Terror # 26" [April 1949] and Dr Darkness. Only Dr Darkness NEVER appeared in anything other than a text story (well, to my knowledge, anyway). His first appearance, according to the Grand Comic-Book Database, was in "Keen Detective Funnies 24" [September 1940], the last issue of that title. While has that issue available for free downloads, their file does not include the good Doctor's tale. His last appearance was in "Fantoman 4" [December 1940], which is the story I'm posting here today.

The other two stories I'm sharing are from "Black Cat # 22" [April 1950] and the Sub-Zero story from "Blue Bolt Comics volume 2 issue 3" [August 1941].

Oh, and don't forget to vote in the "Should I post stories from Golden Age comics that I don't own?" poll. Your vote could be the one that makes a difference!

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