Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where did I go? The Return of MODM!

I was gonna bail on the whole idea of blogging. I just didn't have the time to devote to it, and with a dial-up connection, posting stories took forever and a day, which ended-up being the biggest reason I dropped the blog. I even went so far as to remove all the images I uploaded for MODM. Well ...

I'm back! Actually, I never went anywhere, so I guess it's just "My Opinion Doesn't Matter" that's back.

I'll be posting Golden Age Comic Book stories again. I may repost stories I posted before, but definitely there will be some new stuff here, too. And as before, I will only post stories from books I own. All you other bloggers out there that use images taken from various sites can still do your own thing without worrying about me stepping on your toes. Besides, other you're all more dedicated to blogging than I am.

I have some work to do to rebuild my little spot on the web. First thing for me to do: "Cool Comic Links" that point readers to all the cool places worth looking at (and it also makes a nice link page for me to use ... it's not all about YOU).

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