Wednesday, October 21, 2009


From "Heroic Comics # 28" (January 1945) comes this adventure of Hydroman, published by The Eastern Color Printing Company. Hydroman first appeared in Heroic Comics # 1 (August 1940) and ran straight-through to issue 29 (March 1945). Towards the end of his run, he would team-up with Rainbow Boy, who unfortunately (or not, if you don't like Rainbow Boy) does not appear in the following story.

Hydroman was created by Bill Everett, who is known for creating a character or two for other comic companies back in the day. By the time issue 28 of Heroic came-out, Everett was long gone and other artists were drawing the strip. In today's comic world, Dynamite Entertainment has taken Hydroman and featured him quite heavily in their "Project Superpowers" series.

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