Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sgt Spook vs Suez, Master Magician!

From "Blue Bolt Comics volume 2 # 3", it's Sergeant Spook by Macolm Kildale, who was the artist that also drew Speed Centaur for Centaur Publications. He was the artist who worked with John Giunta on Centaur's first story of Jane, The Magician From Mars, found in "Amazing-Man Comics 7". At Hillman, he worked on The Steel Shark, found in "Victory Comics". Mr Kildale contributed the Spitfire story in "Spitfire Comics" published by John F. Mahon (although most Historians attribute Spitfire Comics to Harvey Comics ... which I don't agree with). Out of all of Kildale's work, which really doesn't add-up a lot, Sgt. Spook is probably my favorite. That's most likely due to the fact that the villains he faced were as interesting as he was.

And just so my loyal readers know (do I have any?), I have the balance of the year planned-out in regards to what stories I'll be posting. On average, there will be at least four stories every week to help distract everyone from reality for a few mintues.

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