Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nightmare & Sleepy

Nightmare's Two Costumes

From "Clue Comics # 5" comes Nightmare & Sleepy vs The Crooked Nine! Published by Hillman Periodicals, Nightmare first appeared in Clue Comics # 1, cover-dated "January 1943", and last appeared in Clue Comics volume 2 number 2, dated "April 1947". Just so you know, issue # 6 contains two Nightmare stories. Oddly, there were no issues of Clue Comics produced during 1945, as the title rarely was published on a regular basis.

Nightmare, who was professional wrestler Bob White (Terry Wake, his "boy manager", was Sleepy), wore two different costumes during his Golden Age run. He first appeared in his second costume in issue # 7. I personally prefer his original skeleton-based costume, as do most fans of the character.

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