Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tales of Terror!

From Yellowjacket Comics 9, cover date April 1946, comes "Tales of Terror". It seems appropriate for me to post at least one "horror story" in the month of October.

DID YOU KNOW? ... Back in the 1940's, when my mom was just a kid, a nickle would get you six BIG candy bars at the local movie theater. Going to the movies cost about three times the price of a comic book, so for 50¢, my mom could have gotten her six candy bars, watched a cartoon, one part of a movie serial, seen the latest newsreel, and, if it was a weekend matinee, get to watch two feature films ... and still have money left-over to get herself a 48-page comic book. Today, 50¢ won't get you much of anything.

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