Monday, October 12, 2009

True Tales of The Supernatural (no, not the tv show!)

I'm just doing a quick post today. In keeping with the theme that is "Halloween in October", I'm posting two "True Tales of the Supernatural" from Ace/Unity Publishing's "The Beyond #14". Even in 1952, comic publishers found a way to give more bang for the dime by including one-page features in-between the main stories.

To ramble aimlessly for a second: Getting away from dial-up internet connections is nice. Waiting several minutes for one page to load was a big reason I dropped the previous "M.O.D.M.", as I just couldn't justify putting-in the time I needed to in order to make the blog any good. Not it takes me longer to ramble-on than it does posting stories, which is a nice trade-off.

I haven't been a regular comic book buyer in several months now, and even then I restricted myself to a few titles. So, to fill the void left by not having new books to read, I've been diggin' through my collection to find good stories. Why mention this? Because I am officially announcing the return of my somewhat-popular feature: "Superhero Rewind" (well, "popular" in that people would actually leave comments for me to read, unlike everything else I did where the World remained silent). Previously, I had started "SR" by recapping "The Protectors" from Malibu Comics ... a project that hit more than a few bumps in the road before I was even a third of the way done. Well, let me say here & now that I won't even START posting a "Superhero Rewind" review without being completely finished, even though they'll still be broken-up into parts when needed (to make readers come back! HAHAHAHA!).

Oh, and since nobody is reading this ... I know my policy for posting Golden Age Comic Book Stories has been "not unless I own it". There are a couple of reasons for my stance. First, other bloggers are already doing this (check-out the "Cool Comic Links" for some of the best of the bunch). Second, I didn't want to take scans that other people put a lot of effort into, and post them here just so I can go "Look at my blog!" But I'm thinking, there's a lot of stories I like crammed into Golden Age comics, and some of them get overlooked. Sure, you can find people posting stories of Holyoke's Cat-Man & Kitten, Nedor's Black Terror, Lev Gleason's Daredevil and Fox's Blue Beetle, but what about the other guys? What about people that don't want to download comic files for free from "Golden Age Comics Downloads" (found at, where I occasionally upload stuff)? So I'm wondering: What do my readers think? Should I break my own rules and just post whatever I want (well, Public Domain comic stories, to be specific)? Speak-up, stand-up and be counted, let your voice be heard! Go to your window and shout "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore! And by the way, I want more Golden Age stories!"

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